Monday, August 31, 2020

Educandy ... so "sweet" and fun learning

 Online tutoring could be fun and motivating to learners. Try to create new types of activities to your ELLs using  this free tool #educandy. This activity is just one example of matching collocations. Make learning richer by creating new activities. This app is accessible on all types of devices. Don't forget to share this post with as many motivated educators as possible. Happy creation! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

English Open Day

     A new gathering, a new chance to meet inspiring educators and talented students. Despite all the hindrances that we faced, the event happened and we were completely overwhelmed by awe-inspiring Teachers and Students. This is not an overstatement at all. 
The English Language Open day was held in a prep school and the atmosphere was warm and friendly. Teachers, along with students took part actively and the whole event was orchestrated by devoted teachers. During this event, teachers presented topics that are close to their hearts and minds. 
Some spoke out and shared their experiences with the warm presence of their students. As a matter of fact, the attendance of the students added much flavour and decidedly much enthusiasm. We discovered highly motivated, fluent, creative and talented students. This could not have happened without the motivation, the enthusiasm, the dedication of the teachers.It's as clear as day! 
Congratulations to the praiseworthy students,  and many thanks to the devoted teachers for their exemplary work. What reigned during this half-day event is inspiration and creativity. 
To give you a real sense of the occasion , here are some pictures of the ELT event and some presentations given by the teachers, that testify to their diligence and hard work. 
Mrs.Thabet's well-furnished Classroom and Creativity in designing real-life projects with her students. 
Using Scratch to make roleplays By Mrs.Belkahia
Mrs.Hedhly and her presentation entitled: Encouraging and motivating learners to write! 

   Thank you all for sharing and caring. You have made our day brighter ! Keep inspiring and keep up the good work!