Monday, April 8, 2019

The Apple Tree

      I cannot forget and I won't forget those special moments I spent with an inspiring teacher with whom I attended a third hour session. She presented a lesson, in front of her fellow teachers to exemlify or model the way she teaches the third-hour session. During this session, the teacher tutored a group of students ( half of the class) in an active, funny way. By fun, I mean using games to teach and engage students in a stress-free environment. Thus, this fun is meant for learning and not fun per se. 
This teacher, Mrs.Rezgui, is the model of a devoted, creative teacher. She succeeded in winning the hearts and minds of all the attendees. 
You might have many burning questions so far and you are curious to know about the whole procedure of the lesson and where lies the creativity of the teacher. Here is the lesson plan:

Here are some of the moments we cherished:

We enjoyed being in Mrs.Rezgui's class in all its stages and what we agreed upon is that the teacher succeeded in making these students active,disciplined, grateful and respectful. The success of the lesson lies in the classroom culture the teacher successfully instilled in  students. They show respect and gratitude to each other. More importantly, they are disciplined and have trust in their teacher. They are there to learn, to enjoy learning and to support each other while learning. This teacher, Mrs.Rezgui is a devoted teacher and her success needs to be celebrated and to be shared amongst colleagues so as to showcase good practices and whisper to some demotivated teachers that miracles happen provided that the teacher is willing to succeed and overcome all hindrances.

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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Point of order!


        Being an educator and a person who deeply believes in the power of education to transform nations from one state that has gone stale to a further thriving situation. Without a deep-seated education, we will be future-less and completely in the dark.
Red signs are everywhere: Poor infrastructure, scarcity of equipment, low wages, and high rates of unemployment. How can future students believe in the power of education if students find out after years of toiling that their studies no longer serve the market demands? They are JOBLESS because their specialities do not correspond with the jobs of tomorrow?
Why shouldn't we plan to teach for future posts? Why should we always think in the present and live in the past?
                 Real educators need to be futurists, strategic planners, who not only plan ahead, but also have a future vision of what things might seem to be in future decades. Why don't we embrace compelling changes and make the most important component of our FUTURE, ie, education, , the real catalyser of socities AN URGENT NECESSITY ???

               Education is in crisis today because we never plan ahead. Education is in crisis today because we do not master the Art of communication. Education is in crisis today because we do not care about the future. We only have the intentions to act as firefighters who only have the will to extenguish the flames of the here and now. We are utterly satisfied when we put out the blaze and that's all. We are not only piling up future problems , but also discrediting the important role of education.
Adding insult to injury, we lack the very obvious skills of communicating with each other.
I have a dream Education, in my country would take up the reins and we would give much importance to strategic planning.

I have a dream that we will give much energy to keeping things in perspective.
I have a dream that we will double our investments in education.
I have a dream that we will remediate all the damage and wrongs done to Education.
I have a dream that we will improve the status of teachers, materially and morally.
I have a dream that we will treat everyone with equity and social justice.
I have a dream that we will make our classrooms cozy
I have a dream that our classrooms would give as much attention to READING as to the one given to TECHNOLOGY. None is more important. A real Balance would help our future students achieve much.
But above all,
I have a dream that all stakeholders included would be level-headed , far-sighted and perspicacious.
I have a dream that victory will be that of common sense.

                        Who is listening to me? I am not certain that there are any listeners!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

One BOOK would CHANGE the lives of MANY

                                              MY PROJECT THIS YEAR: Collecting English BOOKS for
                                                  JENDOUBA's Middle and High Schools

     This is a REAL story. During this school year,I visited many schools in the area of JENDOUBA,as part and parcel of my official tasks and I was stupefied that most of these schools lack a library. And even if the library existed, there were NO or SCARCE ENGLISH books on its shelves. Those visits disheartened me and I was overwhelmed with a feeling of helplessness.
     I need to do something tangible to HELP these kids and teens in the whole region. AND then I said to myself if I could CALL OUT for help from my friends and colleagues all over the world, we could make a difference and HELP these TEENS rekindle their LOVE for READING in ENGLISH.


JUST something effortless, yet very significant for me, for YOU and for every TEEN  ! TAKE ONE BOOK from Your collection of BOOKS and send it via POST to this Address of the REGIONAL BOARD OF EDUCATION. (TUNISIA)

What I promise is that I will make sure with the help of TEACHERS and administrators in the REGION that your DONATIONS would go to those who need it the most.

Despite the fact that we are in a highly-tech age, BOOKS will always be a SOURCE of INSPIRATION for those Teens who spend almost the WHOLE DAY at school, without much LITERACY activities to DO. YOUR donations would certainly make a difference. I am quite sure you will NOT FAIL TO HELP.


To make this REACH more READERS, I also RELY on your HELP. Please SHARE in Social MEDIA. And NEVER FORGET to send me a picture of your DONATED Book to GIVE you a BIG SHOUT OUT and Thank you for your GENEROSITY.

THIS IS MY PROJECT THIS YEAR AND I AM SURE MANY OF YOU WILL NOT FAIL TO HELP. Even if you cannot send a book, just join me on Twitter and share my posts. The Hashtag is
#OneBookWouldSaveMany .

Thank you for sharing. Thank you for lending a HAND😌😍