Thursday, March 14, 2013

A project on Bullying- By: Ben Hassine Amira

Amira presented this project with a lovely poem she wrote.Here is her poem: 
Here I sit at a desk on my own
Wish the bell would ring so I could go home
I don't want to be the highlight of every joke
Laughing for every word I spoke
My world is starting to die
And I slowly start to cry
They're throwing snacks
Right behind my back
The childlish games they play
Need to end just for a day
They laugh at me
They call me names
I couldn't even make a sound
When they pushed me around
I wish I could hit them back
But I was scared they could make another attack
People just don't understand who I am
I'm the person living alone with her fears
I'm the person destroyed by her peers
I hope the pain would go away
Be left alone,just for one day
Save me from the darkness
Take me away far from loneliness
Then my nightmares will be gone
And everything will be well-done!

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