Monday, April 8, 2013

Joe Dale - Using ipads

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This is Joe Dale's presentation on using mobile devices in education, especially I-Pads in the classroom. As an ICT expert, French Teacher and Teacher Trainer, he is much interested in the use of ed.apps in the teaching field. His presentation at the IATEFL, sheds light on the flipped classroom, Bloom's Taxonomy for ipads,the SAMR Model of Dr.Puentetura. He also gives details of how ipads could be useful in teaching.It is interesting to get more details about the useful applications that could be used inside the classroom. And as Joe Dale put it :" You can no longer ignore technology."Using ipads have helped many learners to learn new skills and achieve  higher-order thinking skills via using web tools such as voice casting tools, storytelling tools, etc...Enjoy watching th

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