Thursday, April 10, 2014

Interview with Adam Simpson

    IATEFL has just rung down the curtains and we are still discovering, as online registered bloggers, what has taken place during the conference. Much to blog about and still much to discover . We are lucky to be connected to each other via enriching, invisible threads. Though I feel like I am lagging behind and I should have blogged about this long ago. But I always say to myself it's never late to learn and share. More than this, it is an honor and a pleasure to start a chain of interviews on my blog with ELT professionals from everywhere in the world. I will also introduce some Tunisian amazing and inspiring ELTs , who have been of paramount importance to the ELT promotion in Tunisia.
    What Adam Simpson suggested to all IATEFL registered bloggers is to start a chain reaction, by choosing three bloggers and interviewing them. Personally,the idea touched a chord. Hence, I would like to thank Adam Simpson for accepting to be interviewed and introduced to the ELT community in Tunisia. Adam Simpson is no strangers to the ELT Tunisian community and many teachers from Tunisia do cite his blog and his inspiring posts. Two years ago, I allowed myself to share his inspiring post Hyppocratic Oath for teachers of the world as food for thought ,with my colleagues, during a training session. Here is the link: .
Now, let me introduce to you, Adam Simpson. And don't forget to have a close look at his amazing posts at Teach Them English.

1-How would you like yourself to be introduced to the ELT community?

Hi. My name’s Adam and I’m an English teacher in Istanbul. I’ve lived here for nearly fifteen years and I work in the preparatory English program at Sabanci University. Also, I blog about my teaching experiences quite regularly, as well as being an avid believer in the importance of classroom research.

2-Could you please give us a brief history of your blogging? When did did you start? Why?

I actually first started blogging about music, which was a bit of a mistake. While I liked the aspect of music I blogged about, I didn’t love it. After a while, my lack of passion became clear to me and my readers. After that, I started blogging about teaching (in 2009).

3-Who is your model in the ELT community?

This question is much too difficult to answer for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I have too many people who have my total respect in this profession. If I wanted to give a full answer, I would name at least 50 people and write 10000 words! Secondly, I would miss someone from the list and feel very bad about it.

4-What does IATEFL represent to you as a teacher and blogger?

I tried to blog about the conference last year and failed miserably. Anyone who has ever been to IATEFL will tell you what a fantastic social experience it is. Once you’ve attended, it’s not easy to watch and report from afar. Basically, I couldn’t escape the feeling of wanting to be there. I’m trying to make amends this year.

5-What would be your main interest area during the conference this year?

To tell you the truth, I will be watching the people I’ve become friends with over the last few years through my blogging. Nurturing relationships with people you admire but rarely get to see is important, so I’ll be focusing on watching and supporting such folk.

6-Would you please offer some advice to novice bloggers?

Definitely: imagine you are writing directly to one person and imagine how you would share your knowledge. Importantly, also imagine that you don’t know what skills or experience this one person has and write accordingly.

7-What is your greatest achievement as a blogger?

The biggest achievement is having people come up to me at events like IATEFL and tell me that my blog is a real help to them: you can’t beat that feeling, especially as that is what I set out to do.

   With much respect and gratitude to Adam Simpson, I end up this post. Stay tuned, more posts are coming. 

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