Sunday, August 24, 2014

Best online tools to edit photos

 Free online tech tools with different functions  from photo creating, editing, adding special effects, etc.. are free, abundant, and available for everyone to try some "free" magic online.

In this post, I'd like to share with you some of the free online tools, which could be of some help for everyone of us, especially teachers. How can teachers use these free tools?
Teachers can create photos, add special effects, add text, etc... All depends on how teachers are going to use these images or photos. We have a plethora of possibilities to use these online tools, while planning our lessons and creating the materials we are going to use.
Today, I've chosen three photo editing tools, which are totally free and they are user-friendly. Besides, what is effective about these three online photo editing tools, is that you can download the image file directly on your computer and more than this, you do not need to create a profile.
Here are the three free photo editing tools I have fun using and I'd like to invite you to peek and plan a more focused visit later, so that you have more time to think about some creative ways to use photos, images in your lessons.
1-Phixr (

2-Photocat (

3-Picadilo (

Hope you will explore these online tools and more importantly ponder over some effective ways to use them while planning our lessons. This could inspire us and our learners in a multitude of ways.

Happy exploration!

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