Thursday, March 20, 2014

My presentation at TESOL Arabia

    Taking part in a huge event like TESOL Arabia as a presenter for the first time has been a very rewarding experience for me and I have had the honor to meet ELT Luminaries and attended their inspiring sessions.Hence, I will be  sharing some of their insights. To give you a foretaste of those sessions, I wanna just name some of the inspiring names I attended their sessions: Carol Read, Thomas Farrell, Philip Kerr, Jamie Keddie, Herbert Puchta, Scott Thornbury, Donald Freeman & last but not least Mark Hancock. What has made me so proud , though, is that many Tunisians are sustaining a valuable presence.  
Those days at TESOL Arabia, have been like a dream and I am grateful to British Council Tunisia for sponsoring my trip and allowing me to present for the first time. 
     The meeting has added much to my enthusiasm and energy and I feel like I am born to be a presenter. I feel this in my veins and I do yearn to share my experiences as a teacher with other colleagues from everywhere. I have not only presented my thoughts but I have also learned a lot from the attendees and all the presenters at TESOL Arabia as well. Such an enriching experience with a lot of thrilling moments and creative sessions. This experience has boosted my confidence and opened my eyes on other areas of interest. 

   And as usual, I will be sharing my notes and photos with you all. 
Below is my presentation at TESOL Arabia :