Saturday, October 10, 2015



     In my relentless pursuit of more effective mind mapping tools, I think I have come across a good mind mapping tool, which is not only user-friendly, but also free . This tech tool is perfect because it makes brainstorming easier and more accessible to my learners since I can download my "mind maps" as pdf or image documents.
   With these posts, I meant to share my mind maps with my students after a whole class brainstorming activity. Mind maps or wise maps, in this case could be used as visual documents that could remind the students of the key elements of a chosen topic. Making learning more "visual" through these mind maps could be of a great benefit for learners, if they have a high predilection for retaining information visually.

This is the link to this online free app, and below are some images of the wise maps I have shared with my students.

BTW, I am not paid to post this link in my blog. I am just sharing one app that I liked and I think it will be a useful tool for teachers who are keen on using mind mapping tools, while planning their lessons.
Wishing you Happy Surfing and Happy Discovering of this Mind Mapping tool.

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