Friday, January 15, 2016

My Resolutions this year ...

    Apart from the "heavy" & pleasurable ( I am not ranting but rather describing a reality) load of family responsibilities awaiting me, which I consider very crucial for my own self content and peace of mind, I have many professional worries and I'm considering this year to be the one essential step in my PD . Thus, I will try my best to find solutions, within the walls of my classroom, according to the needs of my students to the problems I am sick of their repititive occurence. Thus, my resolutions this year would revolve around seemingly new topis, though considerably recurring every year relatively different in acuteness. Besides, carrying out a project till the end with some European colleagues within the framework of Etwinning platform. My students are enjoying it so much that they wish all our lessons were connecting with our partners and doing simultaneous projects, according to a monthly plan.
With all of this in mind and heart, I dream of succeeding as an Ed speaker. I do feel lucky and thankful that the lovely and inspiring Educator and Ed Tech inspirer and International Speaker Shelly Terrel thought of me and this is a very heartwarming suggestion. Added to this, I think of creating much time to my blogging and starting the 30 goals EduBlogging project. I am sure I will get inspired by the 30 goals and the worldwide teachers' blogs.
If I were to write clearer professional goals, I would list them as follows:

  • Read more articles about my interest areas. ( Pedagogy, Creativity, ED Tech, Integrating Tech effectively and effciently.
  • Reflect on my readings, think of how to implement new ideas in my teaching and save my teaching style from monotonous practices.
  • Write more about my experiences in CPD, hopes, fears, successes and failures
  • Videotape some of my lessons and invite peers to critically assess my teaching effectiveness
  • Say NO to those who belittle my ambition and ignore their demotivating voices. Give importance to the voices that lift me up and do the same with my caring colleagues from everywhere. We need at some time to lift others so as to feel content. 
  • Surround myself with more inspiring people and learn more from creative people, which means reading more from my PLN 
  • Spend less time on Facebook, something which I have found extremely effective, because the more I connect on Facebook, the Less time I find for reading. 
  • Connect more on twitter, because it helps me read more articles of interest 
  • Eat healthier food and drink less coffee
  • Exercise more, even if it is just walking by the seaside... 
  • Learn more how to use new apps and think of practical ways to integrate these tech tools in my lessons
  • Be more creative, inquistive and critical ...
  • Submit more proposals, which are based on my teaching practices, to International conferences
  • Enrol in new inspiring Moocs and follow the footsteps of inspiring Educators
  • Start writing the first pages of my book...
Listing goals is easy, but putting these goals into practice is the most demanding part of it. yet, much of my enthusiasm will make even the toughest part enjoyable.
Happy New Year 2016